K Camp Shares “Blessing” Video

K Camp
Image: Travis Shinn

K Camp has been on the scene for a while during the development of the “New Atlanta” phase of Atlanta’s Hip-Hop. K Camp steps away from the high energetic spotlight of the “New Atlanta” scene and shows off his versatility with the heartfelt song, “Blessing”. Along with the song, K Camp drops a video that ties in the song and displays a warm heartfelt story visually. Starring in his own video, Camp shows the busy and frantic schedule of being an artist but finds time to show love towards a significant other while being on the road. Though his significant other in the video maybe be tempted by other guys, K Camp shows that she is a blessing for to him have. One scene in the video that might show that he’s quite a gentleman, is when he pays off his girl’s college tuition. The video may not be captivating to some viewers but, it helps express the meaning of Camp’s song.

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K Camp

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