Watch K Camp and PnB Rock’s video for ‘Life Has Changed’

The song references R&B/Soul legend Ginuwine’s 2001 classic record ‘Differences’.


I love it when younger/newer artists remake twenty-year-old R&B classics like this.

Atlanta’s incredibly talented artist K Camp and Philadelphia’s PnB Rock team up for the well-produced ‘Life Has Changed’. In the video, beautiful women in fishnets and sexy lingerie surround them. PnB Rock’s verse is about making it out of the trenches, letting an opp know their whole life can change if they play with him. K Camp’s verse is about packing shows, trending, and personal assets. The hook, which implements Ginuwine’s song ‘Differences’ about finding his soulmate, does not stick to the original concept. Instead, the song is about their lives changing since becoming rich and splurging on luxury items.