Justine Skye’s debut album “ULTRAVIOLET” is 2018’s first forgotten safe landing


Justine Skye’s debut album is bland, but there’s hope for redemption on a sophomore effort.


Justine Skye's ULTRAVIOLET album cover

Photo: Courtesy of Republic Records

As a person who wants to support women in music, Justine Skye has been a tough topic for me. Here’s why. I’m waiting to hear what makes her significant in today’s musical landscape. Yes, ULTRAVIOLET is her debut album, but if we’re judging fairly, ULTRAVIOLET is not outstanding. It doesn’t feel like she has arrived yet. Hey, who knows, maybe that isn’t what the label and the artists were going for: If not, they’ve hit their mark.

The songwriting for the first half of ULTRAVIOLET singles reminds me of Rihanna too much. As a music critic, it is a duty to be as honest as possible and to get to the point fast. What I will say is that her new album ULTRAVIOLET is a split for me, but it is better than I thought it would be—once I heard the music after the single, “Don’t Think About It”. Tracks six to ten, show her ability to be trendy, edgy, and showcases her vocal ability better. Here’s a free suggestion because I care this much. I think collaborating with PARTYNEXTDOOR would help bring her into the pop culture conversation more. Production choices aren’t bad, but I was surprised to hear that Nelly sample (“Back For More”). I think it isn’t the best song to sample when you’re in your early twenties unless you’re from St Louis, Missouri looking to claim a resurgence. I wouldn’t advise the following even, then.

Honestly, I’d like to hear more “Lil’ Boy” Skye. It’s raw, sensual, and sonically appealing. She can carry songs by herself, a big deal for mainstream artists, but they aren’t spectacular. With the new generation of Bad Boy taking flight, I would have Puff Daddy’s son Christian—King Combs—on the remix. In all fairness, the Brooklyn-native musician is twenty-two-years-old. She has time to grow, but I think there’s a personal want for her to be as good and popular as her competitors, now.

Justine, if you’re out there, reading this, I wish you luck. You have great skin. You’re beautiful, and I like your purple hair, but you have to turn it up on the next album, or we will not care.