Justin Jesso and Nina Nesbitt release visual for heartfelt ‘Let It Be Me’: Watch

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

“I’ll lie to you if you want me to/I’ll tell the truth because sometimes, you need it.”

The opening words to GRAMMY-nominated singer Justin Jesso and Nina Nesbitt’s duet are a little hard to swallow when you’ve spent your life being truthful and unapologetically you. For people like me, to tell a lie, to someone who wants you to, is another level of selflessness that feels problematic in the long run to me. Who am I? I am the one who cares enough to find the best way to communicate the truth [to someone who isn’t ready to receive it], only if time allows it and only if they want to talk.

On the flip side, after listening to the words of this song, it is not emotionally self-serving. It is about needing somebody and wanting to be that person that the person needs. It is supportive and even better if it is inspired by real-life. I don’t want anyone to lie to me. Thinking you are sparing my heartbreak isn’t the way to go. It’s worst for me. Finding out that you lied to me, won’t make me feel better. I’d question your friendship and your intention. As a friend, you are supposed to know who I am as a human being. Being lied to, under no circumstances, makes me feel good.

Without further ado, watch the official video for ‘Let It Be Me’ below. It made me share more about myself; enter a healthy dialogue with people around me. I want to know if I am treating them right—if I am considering their emotions when they are at lows and highs. Thank you.

“‘Let It Be Me’ is what I would say to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,”says Justin. “I would want them to know that no matter what hardships we would face, I would be there. I knew the song needed something special to finish it off, and when I heard Nina for the first time, I knew she was the missing piece. Vocally, she is a gentle powerhouse and her voice has this emotional honesty that just jumps off records while also drawing you in.”


Written by Richardine Bartee

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