Energy Source: A list of ebullient songs for refueling featuring Judith Hill and Farveblind

Hear a new list of new music that will change or enhance the mood you’re currently feeling. It’s called: Energy Source, meant to refuel.

Photo: Morten Rygaard

Judith Hill – Pepper Club (Submission)

Talk about funky, honey. Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and producer Judith Hill’s outstanding music video for ‘Pepper Club’ features choreography, her signature ‘stellar powerhouse vocals’ and a cinematic treatment that serious artists take time to plan. Adored by the kingpins of the music world (Michael Jackson, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and others), and to have worked with Prince (‘Back in Time’) until his death, Judith Hill is an artist, who may be the last of her kind. Watch the new video below for Judith Hill, a recording artist who once was on The Voice (Season 4).

Farveblind – Jewels featuring Paul Stephan (Submission)

From the moment the song begins, the Electronic soundscape that is ‘Jewels’ gets the blood pumping. With a matching video for Danish duo Farveblind’s explosive record, the lyrics came to life. The South London rapper Paul Stephan’s deep British drawl complements the current bombastic underlays, bringing another dimension of spice to the record. Check out the Aleksander Hørup Gislason-direction, inspired by MTV Generation.

Brielle Leslie – Quick (Submission)

Aeons away from the Motown heyday, Detroit still produces new talent who sound seasoned. As Brielle Leslie sings in a sweet voice, she sings edgy lyrics about being as crazy as her man made her, her worth ‘even if you try you will never find a [realer] me’, and ‘rolling with some killers who would die for her’. Check out the music video for the Motor City artist now directed by Nick Margetic. Major Seven produced the record. He has worked with the likes of JAY Z, Future, Rihanna, and Rick Ross. If you’re missing someone, this may be your Summertime reminisce track.

Mellow Mood – Sound of a War (Submission)

Black culture travels the world. Arguably, only in the world of fake news, it is the most influential culture on this planet. Not only do the ideas make its way to the high fashion world, time and time again, language, too. Heavily inspired by Bob Marley, Mellow Mood, the Italian identical twin duo, sing about the unfortunate events we face due to war. ‘Sound of a War’ is from their fifth studio album called, ‘Large’. Watch the official video below.

Madijuwon – Stunt (Submission)

Is it me or do most French producers have a richness and thickness to their music? Of course, we all borrow from one another—now, more than ever—but whenever I listen to anything by a French person, there’s an opaque quality. No matter the genre, I feel they are masters are making complexities (on the technical side) sound simple to the ear. When I listened to it for the first time, I thought Lyon Madijuwon used a Mary J Blige vocal sample, to loop. Stunt on these hoes. Listen to Madijuwon’s latest release from his debut EP below.

The Rebels of Tijuana – Et le Blizzard S’estompe (Submission)

It takes a substantial amount of time for the silky lyrics to come in, but it is worth the wait. Nonetheless, I am a huge fan of French music. Some years back, MTV IGGY publishes a list that I wrote about French musicians. Unfortunately, the website no longer exists. Check out the video for the French Psychedelic Rock band below.

Il faut beaucoup de temps pour que les paroles soyeuses arrivent, mais cela vaut la peine d’attendre. Néanmoins, je suis un grand fan de la musique française. Il y a quelques années, MTV IGGY publie une liste que j’ai écrite sur des musiciens français. Malheureusement, le site n’existe plus. Regardez la vidéo pour le groupe de rock psychédélique français ci-dessous.

Grasime – Narzzist (Submission)

Standing in one area, for most of the visual, German rapper Grasime raps in his native tongue over a familiar Hip-Hop/Jazz instrumental. If you don’t speak German, you can still hear the style and vocal control on ‘Narzisst’. Check out the official video for the lead single from his album ‘Windbreaker’.

John Mutter with War Dogs – It’s the Sun that Stays (When Everything’s Done) (Submission)

On any given day, I would not have selected a song with this mix. I feel like I am listening to music with cotton swabs in my ears. What made me take to it, you may ask. It was the unique visual. To his credit, he has directed music videos for Sub Pop and Jo Passed, so he knows what he’s doing (creatively). As far as his video, the viewers aren’t clear on what happens at the end of the video, but it appears that John Mutter might kill himself. Hopefully, that isn’t the case. I look forward to seeing what else the odd Vancouver, Canada-based musician comes up with in the future.


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