Josammy and Nyce Franklyn are the new Bonnie & Clyde

Get a load of Boston’s newest artists to watch.

Is she wearing underwear?



n a new record about resistance and loyalty, Boston-bassed rapper Nyce Franklyn teams up with fellow recording artist Josammy. Every few years, we get an updated partner-in-crime single. It’s a tale and narrative that will never go out of style. The idea of being an inseparable pair is attractive. A former boyfriend would say: It is better to grow old with a partner than to age alone. I could agree with that, but it has to be the right person. Based on the chemistry of the record, seemingly, Josammy and Franklyn were the appropriate pair to make this happen.

As far as the production/sonic approach goes, it isn’t unconventional. The fact of the matter is: I know some of you like Janelle Monae more than Beyoncé, but they are two artists with different agendas. “Bonnie & Clyde Sh*t” implements the instruments and beat patterns that make most mainstream cuts work.

Personally, I enjoy Josammy’s debut single. She doesn’t sound winded on wax. Her voice sounds mature and trained. On the art direction tip, I like it. Art directors couldn’t go wrong with neon lights, but one question remains. Is she wearing underwear with that overcoat? Hey, there’s no judgment. I think going commando is sexy as fuck, but only if you’re adulting, well-kempt or bald, and clean at all times.

Listen to the new four-minute track now to hear how they take turns professing their love for one another. It’s interesting to hear how far two people will go for love and each other. I am capable of being loyal. I know I am. I’ve done it, but sometimes to a fault. I could date just about anyone, but I will not be along the ride with someone who participates in any activity that could land us in jail. Whether you know it or not, I have things to do. People to see, and things to do.


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