Quality Control’s newest artist Jordan Hollywood tells us what it’s like to be him: Interview

In late November of last year, Jordan Hollywood, one of Quality Control’s newest artists, talked to me about his musical compositions, performing onstage at Lil Baby’s surprise for ‘Street Gossip’ in Atlanta, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the label

In late November of last year, Jordan Hollywood, one of Quality Control’s newest artists, talked to me about his musical compositions, performing onstage at Lil Baby’s surprise for ‘Street Gossip’ in Atlanta, and more. Since then, the musician has dropped his official video for ‘EXPLOSION’. Check it out.

Your video for ‘FINALLY’ is well done. How did you come up with the concept for its direction? What does each sequence mean? Is the rain in the video artificial?

I always felt rain for some reason from the day I was recording the song. When I do videos like this I wanna make sure visually we make the viewer feel how I felt going thru the things I’m talking about. I’ve been betrayed by people I loved and that first scene to me stood for betrayal and the calm before the storm. The transition scene with the lightning was the result of me holding in all my emotions. The third scene was me showing my fans I understand people are still sleeping on me and that’s why I’m so hungry. And the rain wasn’t real. It was from a rain machine; insanely cold by the way.

I think you and your director, Christian Breslauer, work well together. How long have you known one another?

When I was like 17 I went on twitter and said “I’m looking for a director to build with” Christian replied and said he was down when I pulled up on him I had remembered him from school but we were never friends like that. He had never shot a music video at that point. With every video, we shot we always wanted to upgrade from the previous video. We didn’t have any money but we always found ways to improve every video whether it was adding a few lights or renting a better lens. We believed in each other from day 1 and have been building ever since. We have a certain way we work together and I don’t see myself switching or using anyone else to shoot my visuals.

You’re one of the few people to be signed to one of the most influential record labels in modern-day history, as a singer-songwriter and rapper. How does it feel to be you?

It feels blessed to be ME. A lot of artists take what they can and run with it. With me, I never settled I stayed patient I didn’t do anything to water my brand down while I was being patient. I just kept perfecting my craft while I held out for the perfect situation. I had so many record labels trying to sign me but my mind was made up on QC before QC even knew about me. The crazy thing is I signed to Coach K and Pee when it was just Lil Yachty and Migos. Before Migos dropped bad N bougie and the culture album. I knew what they were going to become. I saw the vision and I knew I had to be a part of it.

Jordan Hollywood
Photo: Courtesy of the label

Recently, you released an exciting music video with Lil Baby for ‘LET ME FIND OUT’, a colourful visual with a brown bouquet of sexy women with cameos from Offset from Migos and label head Pee. Phenomenal, in every sense of the word. It’s your QC debut, which is now at seven million views. How does it feel to be the main attraction on such a large scale?

The thing that’s so wild to me is it says 7 million on this question but it’s at 14 million right now that’s just insane to me. I remember getting 30k views on videos. I knew if the video had a gambling theme everyone was going to catch a vibe that’s just part of the QC culture gambling, ATL, Strippers all that. That video is very different then all my other visuals it was definitely one of the more fun video shoots I’ve ever had. I know when I’m a legend one day this video is going to be super classic.

In the past, you’ve co-written with French Montana, Jason Derulo, and others. What do you enjoy most about working with the stars?

I don’t like talking about me being a writer that much honestly I know everyone wants to know that side of me but I don’t ever feel comfortable speaking about it. I will tell you one thing though I have written songs with a ton of people, but now I will only write/produce for people I am a HUGE fan of.

At the end of November, you appeared at Lil Baby’s free concert for his fans, ahead of his album: Street Gossip. Did you enjoy yourself?

Of course, I enjoyed myself. That concert was like a festival. He brought out about 15 artists; crazy energy. Lil Baby is one of my favourite artists.

What does it mean to you to be from Broward County, after the passing of XXXTentacion?

That was a huge loss for our city. He was such an inspiration to the whole world but especially to Broward County.

Are you going on tour in 2019?

For sure.

The name of our publication is GRUNGECAKE. What does it make you think of when you hear it?

Dirty Money.

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