#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Jon Vinyl, Ed.1 & Brus)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of NeodotcoM, Jon Vinyl, Ed.1 & Brus, and more.

NeodotcoM – God is Black (Submitted)

Growing up, my grandma would make us go to church every Sunday. Yeah, I said ‘make’ because there was no asking. The only thing we could ask is if we were ready to go and getting swatted if we weren’t. I have very fond memories of sitting in a hot church while trying to sneak chewing gum so that my grandma wouldn’t slap me in the mouth for having it all while listening to the preacher talk to us about sins and living right all while being looked over by this tall white blond hair blue-eyed man. It’s crazy, but I think this helped shape my outlook on religion and how I accepted it.

Throughout my life, I have taken many different steps to try and find out what higher power to believe. What we know to be a fact, according to scripture is that Jesus had skin the colour of bronze and hair the texture of wool, not blond hair and blue eyes. Stream NeodotcoM’s song titled, “God is Black.” It’s a refreshing song based on content alone. I can’t take another song about Xanax, big booty girls, and lean. I’ll die, and get to meet Black Jesus.

Yo Daddy Doe – CoffeeHouse Craig (Submitted)

One major obstacle you face in trying to pursue a career in music is getting people to take you seriously. The first thing someone asks you when you tell them that you rap for a living is “What do you do for money?” Like, you aren’t supposed to be able to make a living off of music. Or that the word choice—rap—automatically gives off the impression that you must not be serious in life. Like, what real grown man or woman would allow themselves to be called a rapper? Who wants that in life?

Contrary to popular belief many would like this label, unfortunately too many are using this as a scapegoat to describe their lives. I’m not one to knock a person’s hustle. However, sometimes, you have to question a person’s authenticity within their presentation. At what point do we stop encouraging artists to be free and make the music they like, even if it isn’t good at all?

I would always say that every song appeals to someone but this latest track from Yo Daddy Doe, “CoffeeHouse Craig”, is causing me to rethink this way of looking at music. It sounds like Yo Daddy Doe is just saying whatever comes to his head. I don’t know what the song means, or what he is trying to convey. Why didn’t he use this energy toward something else? Why are you making music? I’m [really] upset at this song because it makes me feel like artists, like this, mess it up for any act that [really] takes music seriously.

Therefore, so in response to this song, I would just ask, “What do you do for money?”

Jon Vinyl – Nostalgia (Submitted)

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you wished would last forever? A perfect pocket of time in your life that just makes you smile and you never want to let go of that feeling? For me, it would probably be the first time I kissed my girl or the time my kids were born. I never wanted those happy moments in life to end. In “Nostalgia,” Jon Vinyl touches on these moments in life. In conclusion, listen to the beautifully sung song below, make the moment perfect.

Ed.1 & Brus – Vidöppen & Nyvaken (Submitted)

Anyone who [really] knows me knows that I am a Metalhead at heart. I may look Hip-Hop, but I live my life like a fucking Rockstar. Whoever wanted to party like a rapper, anyway? No one. When this new song by Ed.1 & Brus crossed my desk, I jumped at the chance to press play and listen. I must say, I was blown back by what was coming through my speakers. I expected heavy guitars with lots of drums; What I got was some beautiful melody that made me feel like I was in a Care Bears cartoon. Then, all of a sudden like a brick to the face, the screaming vocals come in and take the track in another direction.

‘What the hell is going on?’ is all I could think. All things considered, I’m not sure why, but I like it. I like it a lot. Listen to this beautiful disaster below and tell me what you think. Caution: Make sure you’re prepared. Something is about to happen to your beautiful world.

Dehiro – Machine featuring Clarence Coffee Jr. (Submitted)

The fact of the matter is some songs are made just for radio or television. I’m not sure if the artist sets out to make this happen on purpose or if they just happen to stumble upon this sound. Either way, the outcome is lucrative. It creates substantial revenue for the artist, helps with fans to find you and become stans, also in some instances makes you a household name. I believe that Dehiro is on track for this particular life. This song is awesome. It belongs on the radio or licensed for a car commercial, promoting a new slick car that everyone wants to buy. Finally, listen to the song below and tell me you can’t hear this coming out of your car radio speakers.


Written by Manny King John


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