Review: Joan Torres’s All Is Fused combined several musical styles to create ‘Of the Musical’

‘Of the Musical’ offers a fresh sound that is both captivating and mysterious.

Joan Torres's All Is Fused's cover art for 'Of the Musical'
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

‘Of the Musical’ features various sounds, mainly focusing on Modern Jazz. Captivating and fresh, Torres and ‘All Is Fused’ combined their favourite instruments and personal playing styles to create something new.

The album starts off with ‘Invaded’, a mysterious sounding song. Immediately, listeners can hear the piano, bass and guitar riffs; almost as if the instruments were chasing one another. Soon, the chase ceases and the alto sax changes the mood and tempo of the song, creating a more vibrant vibe.

Following ‘Invaded’ is ‘Demiurge’, an interesting name with an even more interesting sound. The song doesn’t have a constant tone or vibe; it changes quite frequently. However, it is still an easy listen with the bass providing some calm undertones. ‘Explore’ starts off with a very low and sombre tone, almost as if it were depicting a person spending their night in a bar alone.

‘Ultramarine’ is the fourth track on the album and may be the turning point of the feel for the overall album. This song follows the same emotions as ‘Explore’, slow and depressing with a hint of regret. It is one of the more expressive pieces on the album.

While ‘Constant Stream’, has more of an optimistic tone in comparison to the previous songs, it still has a bit of uncertainty in the sound. Some bouts of the song have somewhat of joyous flair that come from the beautiful piano riffs, but others parts are shy and timid. If I had to personify this song, it reminds me of an indecisive teenager.

‘Stream of Melancholy’ is just as sad as the name suggests. A couple of seconds into the track, it evokes feelings of isolation and loneliness. Of all of the songs on the album, this piece infuses Jazz, Blues and a hint of R&B elements to it; something that I appreciated immediately.

The last two tracks on ‘Of the Musical,’ offer interesting tones. Two instruments that really stick out in ‘Look Around’ are the guitar and drums. While the guitar attempts to soothe the listener, the drums counteract the tranquillity. This track was one of the more anxious tracks on the album.

‘Unleashed’ is the final track and pretty much sums up the entire. It offers a variety of tones that were featured throughout the project; timid, sad, mysterious, anxious, slow, and even joyful.

Overall, ‘Of the Musical’ is an expressive body of work that infused many genres with several emotions. The constant change of moods throughout the album can either cause listeners to gravitate or fall back on the songs. While ‘Of the Musical’ is strictly instrument based and doesn’t contain any vocals, it is the perfect album that one can concentrate and meditate to.

Those who prefer an album with thought-provoking and mesmerizing sounds will appreciate this project. Stream ‘Of the Musical’ below.

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