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Watch Jidenna’s ‘Classic Man’ visual featuring Roman GianArthur

Proving that it’s possible to be a man without being a pussy, worldly man Jidenna is here to set the records straight with his new song, ‘Classic Man’. The Janelle Monáe-endorsed artist goes all out in his new video for the said song; showing out at parties, teaching the youth, and generally, letting mofos know what it is. ‘Classic Man’ shows a side to men that is hardly highlighted: the in-betweener. No, this isn’t a song about playing up the bad boy image, smoking weed, or sleeping with as many ‘bad chicks’ as possible.


At the same time, this song isn’t about being the saviour good guy that cries about getting slept on for coming off as thirsty and gets friend-zoned. Jidenna wrote an anthem for the man who is a mixture of both extremes who will be that gentleman that will open doors and not hound women about giving up the goods, but also “be ready for war” if someone decides to disrespect and underestimate him.

In the video, style plays a huge role aesthetically and politically as Jidenna plays up a modernized Jim Crow era style as the Flatbush resident believes history is repeating itself and he wants to dress accordingly. Like an always dapperly tailored Chris Classic, Jidenna pays close attention to his detailed style and grooming needs not just to shine on his peers, but to set the missing example in the lives of many males. Ay, any efforts towards increasing the population of men who know how to talk to women and conduct themselves are alright with me.

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