Jessie J is back to remind us that we are queens

Watch the official video for Jessie J’s latest release: Queen.

Jessie J

Jessie J is back with a new song for the ladies. ‘Queen’ is more than just an empowering song celebrating self-love and appreciation, it is a start to a new beginning for the artist. No stranger to the spotlight with her dynamically unmatched vocals, this is the songstress first release in four years. Most recently, the artist joined a Chinese television singing competition where she received a viewership of over one billion and won the contest. After taking some years off to grow and experience life more, Jessie is back and ready to share a good message.

While lyrics ‘I love my body, I love my skin, I am a goddess, I am a queen’ are liberating enough to give you a new daily mantra, the video for the song is even more inspiring. Jessie is beautifully sheathed in taupe and black chiffon as she gracefully models for the camera. Guest appearances from women from all walks of life give a great all-inclusive feeling and show that representation matters.

‘The world says beauty is changing, fuck that its fake expectation, not the real shit!’, Jessie sings in the video.

As her voice gives listeners chills down their spine per usual, the uplifting tune will touch one’s vulnerable side while making them realize their true aplomb. Placing a poignantly powerful message with a voice just as puissant and a video showing how blissfully beautiful women are Jessie came through with a felicitous comeback.

As a new beginning, Jessie unveiling a four-part release for her highly-anticipated fourth full-length project ‘ROSE’ The schedule is as follows: ROSE (Realisations) out May 22, ROSE (Obsessions) out May 23, ROSE (Sex) out May 24, and ROSE (Empowerment) out May 25. Singles ‘Think About That’ and ‘Not My Ex’ has already gained an abundance of streams and plays on Spotify and YouTube.

Written by Manny King John


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