Jeremih’s “Cinco De Mihyo” and the “new” Miley

by [time_ago]

Jeremiah releases surprise EP ‘Cinco De Mihyo;’ Miley Cyrus says “unity is what we need,” but contradicts herself again.


Yesterday, Chicagoan singer-rapper Jeremih released a surprise extended play titled “Cinco De MihYo.” The R&B musician celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day with five songs about women, oral sex, and enjoying life.

Unfortunately, the “new” Miley Cyrus wouldn’t approve. It’s the kind of rap-melodic music that mentions dick-sucking and dick-sitting. I think after the rap queen (Nicki Minaj) address her on an award stage, she realized that it was no longer a “free” ride.

To avoid inevitable confrontations and to thrive again in her original settings, Cyrus found a reason to abandon the culture that embraced her. Now, I understand why I hear people complain about the lack of infrastructure in our wing of the industry. Naturally, we are open and accepting people. Honestly, I think it is why the Europeans were able to enslave Africans in the first place. Based on personal experiences and what I’ve read in history books, we are trusting and nurturing and naive. In verity, what seems to be part of our characteristic has worked against us over and over.

I’m unsure how anyone who felt like Lil’ Kim inside could be annoyed or bothered by natural human activities like sucking and fucking. Miley, what I’m saying is, you are going to need more people. We, as a culture and black people, are not convinced. A silent transition would have been better for you. We would have continued to support you because country music is black music.

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Jeremih, pardon me, but I couldn’t help it. I had to mention her isolating comments. People mock us, mishandle us, and kill us now. We aren’t looking for irresponsible celebrities to give “validity” to the racists who do not engage with black people.

Do what you originally came to do. Stream the young black boy’s EP below.