Jazze Belle shares official video for “Possibly”


‘Possibly’ recounts ethereal artistry.



azze Belle, one of the most consistent new groups ever, just shared the official video for “Possibly.” It is one of the best songs from their 4-track EP (“Go to Bed Standing Up”) because of its multilayered production and message. But please, before we get into that, please let’s talk about the mix of the vocals for the music video. Could you all (aspiring, mid-level, and top tier recording artists) make sure the vocals for your videos sound as wondrous as they do in “Possibly”? I mean, just how beautiful is Taylor Simone’s voice? Ultra.

Painted with bright hues (red, white, and blue) to show oneness with nature (grassy field) and tradition (face paint), Jazze Belle handsomely enchants us with their visuals and sound. It is organic lunch. Fresh without preservatives or the need to microwave before you eat.

Jazze Belle

Photo: Bandcamp

Satisfyingly to my surprise, the futuristic trap bass bounce—from “No Endings”—takes us from the bush landscape into space and time frequented by Millennials. Smiles and face cheeks on deck, suddenly, we are in another space and time. Young people donned in black are elated, dancing and prancing on a rooftop. From the graffiti to the outline of the buildings against the sky, Jazze Belle’s video, now, feels industrial. A state of mind that we city-dwellers, and city-slickers, know oh so well.

Watch the official video for Jazze Belle’s “Possibly.” Then, check out their extended play titled, “Go to Bed Standing Up.”