Jazze Belle made the soundtrack for your dreams: Hear “Go To Bed Standing Up”

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Jazze Belle: Tranquility inspired tunes for the aspiring artist in you.


Jazze Belle
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Sexy, sultry and reminiscent of songs that would fit Muhsinah, Jazze Belle (Taylor Simone and Jett Carter) shares their calming and airy 4-track EP. The experimental arrangement “Sleepwalker” opens the EP as poetic whispers close it out. Its second track “Possibly” the lyrics cement the idea of allowing something you love to leave. You know the saying, if it comes back, it is fate. Whether that is true or not, it helps the heart to mend at a time of distress. In the next record “Everyday’s Tomorrow,” she talks about sleeping with one eye open.

In an email, Simone explained that the theme behind the project “Go To Bed Standing Up” is the exploration of “being asleep and awake, being present and absent, and being a dreamer and a creator.” Its creators refer to it as a nocturnal EP which delves into obstacles and opportunities that happen on the path to self-realization.

Some vocalist tempos were made to handle more. From experience and listening to so many ranges of music vocals, I can bet Simone sounds the same in a live setting. There aren’t many artists who can say that. I’m not around to make anyone feel less of themselves, but in verity, other vocalists need digital assistance. Based on one’s perspective, digital aid or enhancements could be a bad thing. If my ears serve me right this round, Simone’s voice sounds like that of a trained person. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

Personally, the last track “No Endings” is my top pick. The cellular ringtone sample does scare me (a little). Nonetheless, the break at the end excites me.

Stream the New York City-based group’s EP below to hear warm chords, jazzy urban instrumentation, and thought-provoking lyrics. It’s only four tracks. It’s not going to take too much of your precious time.


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