JAY Z Goes In On Paparazzi “Peacefully”

As we all know that there are many times that paparazzi can go over board when it comes to these celebrities. That is why they usually have bodyguards to give them and provide some type of protection, especially with these paparazzo. Yet, there are some bodyguards that may go overboard with their ‘protection’ of an artist. Pushing anyone is not the answer on how to resolve a possible situation. When moments like these happen we should call JAY Z to the rescue or as a peacemaker. Monday, May 12, in Manhattan after coming out a building with Beyoncé; JAY Z sprung into action, by making peace. Their bodyguard basically pushed a paparazzi to move him back as JAY Z and Beyoncé were walking to their car. The little pushed escalated to some bark-talking and that’s when JAY Z played the, “What would Buddha do?” — and diffused the situation by calmly talking to the paparazzi. In the video, you can see Bey disappear into the car as JAY Z calmed the pap and hopped in the car. Now Gandhi and Buddha would give him an award for his peaceful action.

Written by Manny King John

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