Listen to ‘WIN’, a Jay Rock record for champions

A new song by the mighty Jay Rock landed on Earth.

Photo: Courtesy of the label

A new song by the mighty Jay Rock landed on Earth. It is called, ‘WIN’. Listen, everything the Watts-native rapper puts out gets my attention… It is also important to know that I listened to and supported Jay Rock before the monumental ‘King’s Dead’. Staying away from mumble rap styles, Jay Rock continues to rap with clarity. Describing what it is like when he enters a room, and stating that one is either with him or against him, ‘Win’ is a song that successful can appreciate.

Personally, my favourite lines come when he talks about his hands—putting the beats on them like Dre, using his tool, and his bare knuckles baring talent. There’s nothing sexier than a man who uses his hands; talks about the strength in his hands.

If you are all in to win in this life, you will appreciate the triumphant instrumental with the Top Dawg Entertainment artist’s vocals. Stream the audio below. Lastly, how fitting is the cover art