Jay Rock Inspires Others With “Money Trees Deuce”


Jay Rock is back with “Money Trees Deuce”, the sequel to the Good Kid, M.A.A.D City composition. Close to three years after the release, reflection of life and the many temptations / hustles one experiences, proceeds. Introspective lyrics makes no excuse for the streets, but gives listeners insight on what’s reality:

“Oh yeah, got to be that animal
Streets is like the jungle, it’ll eat you up like Hannibal
Wigs splitted, cantaloupe, yeah we see that everyday
Candles lit, pour out liquor, hope it take the pain away
I ain’t tryna play my way, I’m just tryna pave my way
Mama tell me gotta save them pennies for them rainy days
Have me snatch that switch, off that branch with some leaves on it

Fantasizin’ bout some money trees on em’.”

Jay Rock’s approach to delivering thought-provoking lyrics is unmatched. A positive spin exists in the outro, recites lessons from someone seasoned in the game, to enlightening the next set of inner city blues. Even though hardships will be a constant battle, the true power is in the message.

“Never give up, stay chasin’ money trees.”

We hear you TDE.

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Written by Manny King John

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