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Listen to New York City-based rapper Jay Luse’s two-track EP ‘Cache’

Following the release of his project ‘Luse08’s’, Jay Luse keeps his foot on the gas pedal.

Following the release of his project ‘Luse08’s’, Jay Luse seems to have kept his foot on the gas pedal with the release his newest ep ‘Cache’. The two-song EP continues to show off his versatility. Each song has its own style, and Jay Luse skillfully flows on each style. Featured on this EP are K!d and Coach Kev, who both bring a bit of their essence to add to the portrayed messages of each record, which they all do tactfully. From the beginning to the end, he delivers a solid performance. Cambino’s production throughout the EP adds to the tactful versatility and feel of the project. A great listen to prepare us for the forthcoming release of his album, ‘The Chord of Life’.



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