Review: Jason Vitelli’s Head Above Tide



Vocally, Vitelli isn't the strongest, but it works. It's musicality/instrumentation/production is impressive.

Jason Vitelli

From the beginning of the album, Brooklyn-based singer Jason Vitelli sings about an unpleasant experience. A thief has their way with him in a dark alley. Soon, he becomes angry, fights back and squeezes their windpipe. The thoughts of death and murder are present. What a dramatic and unorthodox way to kick off an LP. Whenever I’ve heard someone sing in the musical style like Vitelli, the lyrics were different or it begged for comedic relief. At first, I wasn’t about to connect with his intention or purpose.

Overall, the messaging in the album is dark, detailed and thorough. I’d be interested in watching a performance. I wonder if there are any theatrics or choreography. When I listen to it, that’s what I see or imagine. Politely, I imagine Chamber Pop artist Jason Vitelli and his atmospheric music would do best if licensed to an Adam Sandler or a Will Ferrell production. Vocally, Vitelli isn’t the strongest, but it works. It’s musicality/instrumentation/production is impressive. Play ‘Head Above Tide’ below.