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Premiere: Nashville artist Jasmin Kaset sings about the realness of someone not wanting you back in ‘Things I Wanted’: Watch

Photo: Ryan Donoho

Have you ever exercised so much patience that you’ve wholeheartedly waited for a person or something to pan out organically, and it didn’t? Unfortunately, I’ve been there. Many others probably have; Honestly, it sucks! Well, Nashville, Tennessee-native songwriter Jasmin Kaset (daughter to well-known songwriter Angela Kaset) sings about it all in her and Brett Rosenberg of Quichenight’s new incredible song, ‘Things I Wanted’. From waiting in long lines to waiting for a message or a sign, which all boils down to needing confirmation of how someone else feels about us. Frankly, things work out for me when I interrupt any ideas of wasting time or drawing things out. As a result of making such a mistake, I’ll stick to my original script. If you’re strong, I suggest you follow suit.

The record is an uptempo, feel-good vibe that doesn’t get you so down about what you’re doing with your time—making you feel better about it all.

‘Things I Wanted’ is out now from their new joint album, ‘Tuxedo’. It is a “visual record” out now through Cheersquad Records & Tapes in Australia and yk Records in the United States of America. Check out the official video below exclusively on GRUNGECAKE.



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