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Japanese Artist Makoto Asano Personifies Ice Cream

I can’t lie: I adore ice cream. I can stand in the freezer aisle, checking out every variety from Ben & Jerry’s deliciously inventive selections to Häagen-Dazs’ I’m-on-my-grown-woman-shit-eating-this-sexy-ass-ice-cream choices. Apparently, Japanese artist Makoto Asano shares a similar admiration for the frozen dairy treat (also known as God’s gift to man), as he carves laughing faces out of them.

Using Häagen-Dazs in particular, the artist uses his Instagram page to show off his detailed work. I love art and I respect all forms of expression, but being the ice cream fiend that I am, this just looks like a damn waste of ice cream. Marketing wise, if Asano could create a stencil template of a face to be imprinted on the top of the ice cream so it’s the first thing you see, I would not mind digging into a delicious face, at that point.


At the same time, you have to respect the technique utilized because Asano only uses disposable ice cream spoons as his sculpting tool of choice. I can hardly do damage eating ice cream with those things; you won’t find me ruining my ice cream time, trying to play with it.


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