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JammyPack, New Bag Company, Has A Great Sense of Humor


Recently, we spoke to the founder of JammyPack which is a new company keeping the original fanny pack alive in the modern world with a new twist: music. Learn more about the company below:

What is a JammyPack exactly?

JammyPack is a fist-pumping, high-kicking, retro, throwback speaker bag that easily connects to any iPod, mobile phone, MP3 / CD player, handheld game or multi-media device. It most closely resembles what some people call a “Fanny Pack”. We ask: What’s a Fanny Pack? This is JammyPack!

Please, you have to tell us what inspired you to create or even come up with the idea of the JammyPack?

JammyPack was conceived on the sand of Newport Beach, California. It was an idea that was based upon the fact there was no such thing as quality portable music. Cross that with the practicality and obvious need for something like this for music festival goers… enter JammyPack.

Since JammyPack is all about the music, tell us what you have been listening to? Artists, albums, etc.

JP keeps me so busy it’s hard to listen to music like previously. Aside from cruising to most every live show in the L.A. area, my Spotify is on. So I’ve got all my friends’ playlists and a few that I’ve sought out like “Hipster International”.

If I must narrow it down, I’ve been jammin’ Lumineers, Skream and Disclosure, and Fool’s Gold Recs folks like LA Riots.

Given the recent popularity / mainstreaming of music festivals of all kinds, do you and your company feel that this audience has boosted the sales of JammyPacks?

Given that the idea for JammyPack stemmed from the music festival scene, in particular Coachella, I’d say this audience has boosted sales. 2013 will be our second music festival survival kit release in March. So be on the lookout for a seriously sick arrangement of the necessities.

We love the whole idea and vibe of JammyPack, I think GrungeCake & JammyPack should do a collaboration one day, what do you think of that?

Most definitely. JammyPack’s strong suit comes from its basic openness to collaborations with all types of brands. We have completed 6 collaborations in 2012 and aim to at least double that in 2013.

Name the top 3 reasons our readers should go out and purchase a JammyPack right now. Go!

1. Stop being a hoarder. Jerk. Let there be music.
2. JammyPack: You’ll never need a pickup line again.
3. When you wear backpacks, you sweat. When you wear a JammyPack, the people around you sweat.

What’s next for you and your company? Any events, special promotions, etc.?

2013 is going to be huge for us. You’ll find JP’s at every major event and like I said before, some super sick collaborations with some major brands and events. Shits’ gonna get cray!

Alright sir, the time has come. Are there any last words for our readers?

We’d just like to thank all our fans and supporters over the last 2 years. Amazing things have happened and we expect even more amazing things to follow. Please continue to spread the good word and contact us if you think you have what it takes to become a JAMBASSADOR.

For more about JammyPack, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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