Jamie Issac shares new single, ‘(4:30) Idler/Sleep’ from his forthcoming album

London-based artist Jamie Issac introduces his latest single, ‘(4:30) Idler/Sleep’, fresh from his upcoming album.

James Isaac
Photo: Bolade Banjo

London-based singer Jamie Issac introduces his latest single, ‘(4:30) Idler/Sleep’, fresh off his upcoming album ‘(4:30) Idler’. The track combines modern Jazz, R&B and Soul elements together to create a song that drips peacefulness. Issac truly knows how to make good music; not only is his voice beautifully fitting to the instruments in the song, but there is just an overall fresh sound that isn’t heard in many songs today.

The theme of the track revolves around the idea of sleep, perhaps the lack of it. Throughout, a deep male voice chants, “sleep” possibly encouraging a racing mind to relax and fall asleep. A very hypnotic track, the sounds are mesmerizing and delightful; a perfect song to listen to whilst creating a masterpiece of your own.

A calming and soothing number, ‘(4:30) Idler/Sleep’ is really good music for the soul. Stream ‘(4:30) Idler/Sleep’ below.

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