Add Sioux Falls, South Dakota artist James1stGen’s ’12 AM’ to your ‘Quarantine and Chill’ playlist

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

This is a “quarantine playlist” worthy song. After listening to this track, you have no other option, but to accept that R&B music is still alive and grooving very well. Just to get it out of the way, the cover art is very cool. The cover art definitely gives you “available” Bachelor vibes. The beat is a pretty fire flip because I feel similarities to an old Drake track. Still, it could also be an early PARTYNEXTDOOR track. During this government-suggested, quarantine-sanctioned time, I poured myself a glass of red Malbec wine with a few splashes of Dusse to pair along with the vibe.

Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Woods, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, and dvsn have all made and contributed to the simp music collective. “Simp” music is tunes made for the more sensitive types. Simp music is for the hopeless romantic, the friend who is still looking for their glass slipper princess or their prince charming. It seems that James1stGen would like to join the club with this one. The song is titled ’12 AM’, and it indeed carries such a vibe. It is the song that reminds you of the guy who has been shooting his shot, and you’re not too sure about him. He encourages you to bring your friend because he is really trying to see what you are about, and he is already prepared for your friend to be a sense of comfort.

He is the rebound who will meet your annoying demands and let you still play games, especially while you still call your ex that you keep telling him not to worry about. The guy you don’t really know but are even willing to engage in risqué public relations with (see the lyrics to James1stGen’s 12 AM). See, that is the thing about “12 AM.” It is the song you play when you cannot sleep because you are overthinking and overanalyzing. I just made up two different scenarios. It is also the song you play when you miss your situation-ship partner, your friend with benefits, you know… your friend.

Words by Coop

Written by Manny King John

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