Hear “Right Now”: James Gardin’s first Pop track

James Gardin’s “Right Now” is now on repeat.

James Gardin’s “Right Now” is now on repeat.



ake me to a dark corner and let me grind on you right now. It’s like that exact moment when your heart starts to beat faster, your palms become clammy, sweat starts to trickle down your spine, and your eyes connect with that one person from across a crowded dance floor, that you’ve just mouthed, “Come Here.”

“Right Now,” this track by musician James Gardin, produced by Terem embodies that feeling. I’m still tapping my foot to the beat, as I write, I just want to dance right now. As a first-time listener of James Gardin, this is a great sign, showing that he has now increased his fan base. The track is an upbeat, high tempo, rhythmic song, that is ready to be performed on a Coachella or The Meadows Music & Arts Festival’s main stage.

It’s easy to see people, twirling, jumping, bopping, and gyrating on each other to this instantly appealing set of melodies. Upon listening to the lyrics, you begin to understand what the song means. A jilted lover, who’s begging to get back, into their beloveds good graces.

“I’ve vacated your heart. Now, I want back in,” says James Gardin.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if people wore their hearts on their sleeves? A lot of relationships would last. Happily, the track finds its way into your eardrum. Then, it comes out through your mouth, as you sing along with the artist. It might be safe to say that, James Gardin will be a breakout artist on the Pop/Dance charts, and possibly one day seen on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet. If he continues to put together well-structured, balanced music like “Right Now,” musical accolades are sure to be on his horizon.

James Gardin’s “Right Now” is now on repeat.

Words by #OhhSoValid


Written by Manny King John


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