The Jambonies unleashes the shadiest record of the Summer: Listen to ‘Pouch’ now

When's the last time you've been to a basement in the Lower East Side?

Let’s get the party started with the hilarious shady lyrics featured in The Jambonies new track ‘Pouch’. It’s the type of things I’d say in a conversation to be completely honest. How many people do you know who are easily triggered by former fake friends they had in their lives? They’ll use social media to upload photos with people they’ve met through you, and publish fake deep captions all to be seen. And although you’ve deleted and blocked your former “friends”, someone will say, “Did you know so-and-so just did this?” It’s every bit of nasty.

At least, there’s the basement party jam ‘Pouch’ to dance those annoying unavoidable moments away. Stream the track below. It’s from the first instalment of new label Cosmic Incantations’ ‘Distress Signals’.


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