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Dancehall artist Jafrass is the genre’s ‘One Word Boss’: Watch the official visual

‘One Word’ is the slang on the lips of many avid Dancehall listeners since the world slow down following the COVID-19 virus.

The term ‘One Word’ was created and made further popular by Dancehall recording artist Jafrass, hailing from the Ainsley ‘NotNice’ Morris-led Notnice Records music label. The hard-hitting Dancehall track portrays a traditional urban Jamaican gangster portfolio, which consists of making money, courting beautiful women, tons of arms and ammunition, not to mention extravagant marijuana usage and domination of your hometown.

Jafrass was accompanied by Wikid Media in his hometown of the western section of the island, where hundreds flocked all decked out in ‘One Word’ apparel.

Wa me name? One Word Boss! Inna Fendi a weh me buy gal draws. Me nuh take check me gun dem fast, raps Jafrass on the hook.

The official visuals for ‘One Word’ was uploaded to his official VEVO channel on April 28, 2020, and has since been a trending success with over 400,000 views and is the #9 trending video throughout the entire island within the past week on YouTube.

This single also comes after an alleged beef between Jafrass, Notnice, and international recording artist Popcaan, who were all formerly apart of the same musical camp.

Dem a nuh action killer. Internet badman, caption killer dem… Diss di link and think dem escape, buss one inna dem face, Jafrass deejays in ‘Well Precise’.

Another single, which was recently released and have many Dancehall insiders labelling it as a Popcaan diss record.

However, the saga is still majorly speculations and all involved have yet to release any concrete statements many are left wondering is this the end of the ‘Unruly’ camp or will both parties emerge as their own separate Dancehall strongholds.

Written by Manny King John

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