Jada Kingdom shares her third single and supporting music video for ‘Wull On’


Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom releases a music video for her third single ‘Wull On’.

Jada Kingdom
Photo: J Patrela

Throughout the track, Jada Kingdom sings about a lover whom she does not want to lose. She discusses her infatuation with this new individual and is happy about the time they have been spending together. A reggae-infused song, there are hints of inspiration from Rihanna’s song ‘Man Down’; only Jada’s vocals are a bit softer.

The term “wull on” is Jamaican patois for “hold on”, which Kingdom sings through the duration of the song.

“You’re my Jamaican boy, more like my Jam-down toy,” she croons. “I trust you cause you bring me joy, wull on pon me.”

In conclusion, to bring even more of an island feel to the song, the visuals were filmed in Cuba. The opening scene shows Kingdom burning a photo of an old lover, with hopes of finding a new one soon. Eventually, she finds a handsome boy-toy who she soon realizes is just like every other guy. Instead of crying and feeling sorry for herself, Kingdom decides to take matters into her own hands. Check out the video below.

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