J Scienide and Hassaan Mackey tag team a Dom Sicily beat (Song premiere)


Give it here, and don’t say anything.



ver the weekend when I spoke to the gentlemen about their recent collaboration, J Scienide and Hassaan Mackey evoked cheerful spirits. Excited to unleash the Dom Sicily-produced record about “catching a Jux” to the world, both rappers explained that they wrote their illustrative verses from opposing perspectives. Taken inspiration from the lead artist, Hassaan Mackey penned the devious thoughts from the mind of a delinquent.

“I sincerely swear when I leave this porch/With this hoodie on and hit the stick I torched it/That all my thoughts/Gone center round all out war/The sweet-sounding shots in the great outdoors/The pocket rocket carrying no merit of course/Ain’t plotting, but am plotting to take what’s yours /That Jekyll & Hyde vibe/Man my thoughts were lost/Right side of my brain couldn’t laugh it off/I’m trying to leave niggas lost in the applesauce

Ahead of the J Scienide’s poetic entry, gunshots and broken glass set the tone—sounds often heard in urban communities and war-torn neighbourhoods. Next, a sampled lyric from “Don’t Say Nuthin'” by The Roots comes in. Skillfully, the Washington, DC-based musician, who also produces, paints a grim picture in HD.

“Armageddon body on a weapon/The Angel of Death in mere seconds/Life’s a lesson/Class is in session/Back to the essence/The block’ll miss your presence/Children of the future, but they’ll shoot ya/No Malcolm X, Martin Luther, just computers/See the fear in all the subway commuters”

Ironically, today is Columbus Day in the United States. An infamous holiday that commemorates one of the most violent stick-up kids, ever, and the genocide he brought to America from Spain. Unfortunately, we (as Americans) have celebrated it for hundreds of years. Still, I am not astounded. It is a numbing norm, like everything else.

Stream the terrifically produced record now. It is five seconds shy of three minutes. About the average time of a bank robbery, and shorter than a home invasion.

Note from the Editor: By no means does it mean that you are a criminal if you wear a hooded sweater. Athletes, college students, women, children, and business executives wear them too, on their off days.