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Watch Iuliano’s variegated video for ‘Who Knows’

In a distinctive vocal strain that we don’t hear every day, an Italian-born singer-songwriter named Iuliano (stylized in all lowercase letters) shares his vocals with the world to sing about false truths, relationships and a woman who ran away. His ethereal forthcoming debut EP, ‘Hidden Roots’, is a simple-in-sound body of work that represents the artist the way he wants to be perceived.

‘I started this project as a testament. If something happened to me tomorrow, I would want to have something to represent me,’ the Thailand-based artist explains.

How many of us can identify with wanting to leave our mark in the world before we’re dead and gone? I know I can. In a sense, I think it is why I write as much as I do. It takes a lot of courage to create anything and share it with others. I like to look at it as an extreme need for validation and recognition, even if that means it is going to impact someone else in the process. As an artist, it is about me first. It is all about how I feel about things that are around me, that affect and influence me.

The sharp guitar plucks in ‘Comfortable Lies’, an unreleased record from the EP, mirror what it feels like to be anxious. As someone who deals with undiagnosed anxiety, some sounds make my heartbeat and mind race. Without further ado, since you do not have access to the EP yet, check out the lead single ‘Who Knows’ from the six-track independent release below.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Written by Richardine Bartee

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