Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Bay Area artist ItzJumpmann addresses girlfriend’s past fling with ‘She Moved On’

Talk about the need to be brutally honest.


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Talk about the need to be brutally honest. From the beginning of the record, ItzJumpmann—real name Jordan Eugenio—addresses his new girlfriend’s former lover. At the sixteen-second mark, the past lover learns that she’s moved on because she’s no longer in love with him. Then, the Bay Area rapper goes into how they met and how they fell in love. Next, he goes into a 50 Cent ‘21 Questions’ line of questioning to see how deep her love is for him. Based on the words of the song, it sounds like if she answers his questions correctly, the ring will be on its way. Girl, wherever you are and whoever you are, hang in there. You may be the one to take his last name.

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If he looks familiar to you, it’s because you’ve probably seen him as an athlete on FOX’s ‘The Best Damn Sports Show Period’, Good Morning America, CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon, The Golf Channel, and more—making him a regular on the celebrity golf circuit. If that’s not what it is, you’ve probably seen him act in an AT&T commercial. As of late, he’s been working with New York-native producers Duss Smitto and Cortesano Beats.

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