#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Iris Gold, Jesirae)

This week’s #5NewTracks list consists of Iris Gold, Jamie Light, Jesirae, and more.

Iris Gold
Photo: Darren Skene

Flex The Antihero – Run From The Light (Submission)

Sometimes, we are not ready for what we say we want in life. Flex The Antihero seems to be on the verge of finding himself. But if you are on the journey, it can be an amazing one. There’s a bunch of good music coming out of Canada at the moment. The song falls on the edge of good. I think its just missing something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe you can? Is he ready? Listen to “Run From the Light” below.

Ave – Gaudy (Submission)

Honestly, anyone can be a rapper. All you need is pro-tools, a microphone, and a soundcard. It’s not hard. The hard part is the talent. That’s where the real gets separated from the fake. Ave is on the verge of going either way. When the song began, it reminded me of some old school 90s West Coast Hip-Hop. I won’t lie if this were the 90s, I would maybe give it a spin, but it’s not. I’m not trying to hear that right now. In the second verse, he changes up his cadence a bit. Honestly, the first verse lost me. The second verse was it for me. There was no return. I kind of wish he made the whole song like the two-minute mark. That’s the song and style he needs to write and perform. Take a listen to Ave’s “Gaudy” track below.

Iris Gold – All I Really Know (Submission)

I feel like some of the best music is coming from overseas right now. The international market has it figured out. The Denmark artist, Iris Gold, says she is sticking with what she knows. It seems like she knows a lot about making good music. I like it. I like it a lot! An awards show or a sizable platform isn’t too far off. Stream the track below.

Jamie Light – Run Like River (Submission)

Sometimes, you just want to run away from it all. There are times when you are with someone, too, and you want to run away from them and want them out of your life. Like, you only want them for a short-time. Then, you want to run away. Like a continuous one night stand. Listen to Jamie Light’s “Run Like River.” Then, dedicate it to your sidepiece.

Neek – But Why? (Submission)

“But Why?” by Neek is a vibe. It’s the most creative way I’ve heard anyone ask another person why they don’t want them. If you’re in it alone, rejection is a difficult thing to shake. Don’t worry. You’ll get over it in a few weeks. Play the unique Trip-Hop soundscape now. (Richardine Bartee)

Jesirae – Getaway (Submission) (Bonus)

I don’t care what you think. Songwriting isn’t easy. Many people will attempt, but very few will accomplish the task and keep the attention of the listener. Jesirae is a gifted writer. I wouldn’t say “Getaway” by the soft-voiced Minnesota-based recording artist Jesirae is a tip-top mainstream production, but it serves its purpose—to turn up—intellectually. It is a takeaway from his debut EP titled, “BLI$$.” Check it out via this link. The five-track extended play has production by Been Reza, BrandUn DeShay, and Meltycanon. (Richardine Bartee)

Written by Manny King John

Riley Writtens

#5NewTracks to get you through the week: (Shipping Forecast, Riley Writtens)

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