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Introducing ‘Growth’: A new marketing sector of GRUNGECAKE

A new way for independent artists/music makers to get the chance to be heard before they become famous.

Photo: Courtesy of GRUNGECAKE
Photo: Courtesy of GRUNGECAKE

Over the years, recording artists and alike have reached out to us about working with them. It wasn’t our focus at the time, as I focused on my celebrity clients and their businesses. Now, I have an experienced team and a more robust network to potentially make something happen for an independent artist without a monstrous social media following.

Today (March 14, 2021), I introduce ‘Growth’, a new marketing sector of my business dedicated to pitching and doing the outreach for the independent artist without significant label budgets and financial backing. It allows music makers (artists, deejays, engineers, producers, songwriters, and more) to get a fair shot at obtaining coverage as long as their music can compete with what’s out there in the thriving market.

If this sounds like something you want to try or learn more about, visit the ‘Growth’ tab on our website or copy and paste this link:

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