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Introducing: BANKS


Self-taught pianist and songstress BANKS has been steadily unveiling her art, one song and video at a time, and now, her London EP is out and her current lengthy tour opening for The Weeknd applauds her arrival. Already, BANKS has emerged as “one to watch,” as her songs have greedily “swapped hands” and landed at the top of Hypem charts and on critic’s lists.

The four-song London EP defines this budding artist, one whose voice echoes a generation. She writes with a restless urgency, lyrically candid yet relatable, weaving vivid imagery into pop-skewed lullabies. A hypnotic blend of beats, pianos, echoes and an addictive vocal presence, BANKS slips in and out of genres with an ease so effortless, it’s best to leave tags behind.

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