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Interview: The Pearl Harts

After touring as a session drummer around the world, Sara and her best mate Kirsty have spent the past year secretly recording and playing secret shows.

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Photography: Marc Hibbert

After touring as a session drummer around the world, Sara and her best mate Kirsty have spent the past year secretly recording and playing secret shows. Amongst those secret shows include the legendary London biker haunt Ace Cafe where the gnarly bikers loved them. On Valentine’s Day, we received the song below and we were asked to give it a listen. Clearly, the listen was decent. Meet The Pearl Harts.

Listen To The Pearl Harts’ The Slanderer via this awesome link.

“Don’t you shake the hand of the slanderer”? What happened? What encouraged or influenced these lyrics?

The song is about making a deal with the devil. Knowing that it may be wrong — but giving into temptation — ‘don’t you shake the hand of the slanderer’ is a warning and advice that it will end badly. “The Slanderer” is a metaphor for anything in life really. It was inspired by “The 27 Club”. There’s a theory that Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse all made a deal with the devil to become the most talented musicians, [in the world] but in return, he would take their souls at 27 years of age… True? Maybe not — but fun to write about!

What made you two start a band? Why “The Pearl Harts”? What’s the significance? Why not anything else?

We have played music together for years in different bands and projects. We have toured together, partied together, travelled together. We both love the same styles of music, so it felt natural to start our own project. As musicians, we’re drawn to each other stylistically, but the fact that we’ve had all these experiences together is just as big an impact. We’re like best friends.

Sonically, you are inspired by Led Zeppelin, QOTSA and The Breeders. What other styles (or genres) of music do you like?

We like lots of different styles. Obviously, rock music, being the main genre we both love! But we also love the blues and psychedelica — anything that’s a great song too — it doesn’t have to be limited to these genres. We love people who are creating great art, people with an interesting and genuine message.

What should we expect from your upcoming collection of music/EP/album/LP?

Heavy riffs, bombastic beats, big choruses and crazy samples!

Are you excited about your debut show in London?

We literally cannot wait. It is going to go off!

When you first read or heard the name GRUNGECAKE, what came to mind?

A victoria sponge with pearl jam in the middle.

The Pearl Harts plays live at The Crobar on Thursday, March 7. Click here for more information.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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