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Interview: The Holy Kit

Jordon Clark
Jordon Clark

Recently, Chiraq-native Los Angeles-based rapper The Holy Kit released the video for his latest song entitled, “I Sell Everything” featuring Sasha Go Hard, who is also from Chicago. If this is your first time hearing about Kit, we’ve got you covered. The syrup-sipping wild boy is an emerging rapper whose stepping to the artistic scene with full force by managing himself in a do-it-yourself era.

“I Sell Everything” settles out in the streets of Chicago. It’s evident that Kit sells everything from lean to having money and having the tenacity that everyone seeks. The Chiraq artist gives you a view on how to pou’ up, the mixture with lean, and flippin’ your racks of money.

As viewers, we tend to have different interpretations when it comes to certain styles of expression and its true intent, so we wanted clarity from this artist in particular. We decided to ask Kit to elaborate on what “selling everything” consists of, his opinion on lean, and his lifestyle.

As soon as I heard Kit answer the phone, I started laughing out of curiosity. Since I heard he was not your typical rapper. He spoke in a calm tone of voice and very chill as if he was on lean. In the background the cars were passing by as he gave direction out of places that I know in LA. Soon after, we started off our conversation before he headed out to Miami:

How is everything going, and are you ready for Miami?

Good. Just in the car. Yeah, I leave later tonight.

Ready to wild out?


Yeah, I’ll probably just chill. Nothing too crazy. So, what were you saying about the video “I Sell Everything”?

That’s cool. Yes, let’s get to your video right quick. Since, we know you talk about money, lean, and you basically show how to make lean. Elaborate on the significance of the track and video.

Actually, it’s just basically — I mean it’s so cliché but it was my life at the time when I made it. It was like, that was all I did. It was more like a lifestyle not even like drugs. I just had drugs on me at the time. I just sell everything and people were just hitting me up for different stuff and I just had everything. Then, I just made the song that day so it was just real life for me at the time.

You know the dangers when it comes to lean and all that. So, do you care about the consequences?

I mean I do. I kinda slowed down yet it is what it is now. It’s more like a hustle-mentality. Like if I don’t have this, I’m going to make sure I have that. Whatever I can get my hands on because right now I don’t have a 9-5 job and I gotta do what I gotta do.

Are you saying that you will still partake in the whole hustle-mentality than to actually do it?

It’s about being an entrepreneur because it’s not even drugs. I sell clothes and I create clothes. I really wanted to go further on the video but I didn’t have that. Since Chicago is so hard to do how I wanted to do it. I wanted to have people at the corner store and people selling shit on the street but I just couldn’t create that vision. That’s why I want to do a remix, so I can do it in full effect.

Nowadays, it’s just a hype to do lean and bars (Xanax) especially, in the studio. They be wildin’ out.

Yeah, that be making me feel normal and it’s like I have to. I have a lot of things going on, so I be needing that for my anxiety or whatever. I don’t do it, just to do it. I don’t know why people do that. That’s just weird.

People do it all the time and it’s fucking wild.

Yeah like, if it’s around, it is around.


How did you go about collaborating with Sasha Go Hard?

Actually, Elevator put that together. I sent them the song and they know her. They sent her the song and she liked it. It had a cool Chicago buzz, I guess. Since people really like her out there. Once he set that up then, we just shot it.

“I Sell Everything” is basically about doing what you gotta do. Nowadays, you cannot just have one and you gotta do music, art, videos, and everything. Be your own PR and your own fucking manager.


What are you working on right now?

Right now, I’m working on the remix of “I Sell Everything”. I’ll drop a video in a couple of days. You can look forward to that.

After our short chat, I concluded with the notion that Kit is ready to take the next steps of his career. So far, I find that his support from individuals in the industry will help in his success as an entertainer. Unlike many other competing rappers, Kit is a salesman and he will sell whatever it takes to get him to the next level. He refuses to fit into the seams of the common clichés displayed at the forefront of the business. His purpose is his purpose, in which he exercises his own definition of existence as a creator.

In short, it’s clear why we’d see more of The Holy Kit in the future. He’s a bonafide hustler.

For more of The Holy Kit, just click here.

Written by Manny King John

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