Interview: The Black Opera

It is easily believed that the juxtaposition of the words “BLACK” and “OPERA” make no sense. WE are here to disprove that idea. The Black Opera has been created with the purpose of uniting opposing worlds and making perfect harmony through multi-genre artistic expressions. With members located in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, & Paris, WE don’t claim just one place; WE take THE WORLD.

The Black Opera

Since we last caught up TBO has been signed to Mello Music Group, this is exciting news, how did your joining come about?

we met on a mutual plane of creativity. WE are EverEvolving. TBO is always planning for E X P A N S I O N. This is one of our best steps forward. -Sensu

MMG has an amazing roster that we already were enter:acting with. it only made PERFEKT sense for us to join forces. -Nokbai

As ‘Libretto: Of King Legend‘ is the final piece to your three part introduction what does it represent on its own? …and who is King Legend?

on it’s own it’s a story of the life & death of King Legend. King Legend is our reason for being. the Book: of King Legend is coming soon to give more details & insight on him. “Libretto: Of King Legend” is also a conclusion, a death, an end of an era. -Nokbai

The video for “Balcony” shows us TBO‘s behind the scenes preparations with The Black Operation band, what made you decide to incorporate a live band into your movement?

art, creativity, versatility. -Kensah

unpredictability, infinite sound fusion possibilities. -Sensu

I liked the line “Rick Ross ain’t even Rick Ross”. It appears that instead of creating a facade TBO prefer to emit a sense of mystery. What are your intentions behind the mysteriousness?

our intentions are to showcase our music as art in the forefront, instead of spotlighting our individual identities. -Kensah

You performed at Deepak Chopra’s 3 day Sage and Scientists Symposium. How was that experience?

it was beyond grand. enlightening & engaging. -Nokbai

we were amongst acclaimed neurologists, wealthy entrepreneurs, Nobel Peace Prize nominees and brilliant creators. Deepak blessed our visit with luxury. We are still buzzing off the inspiration from this event. -Sensu

Do you have any personal philosophies / spiritual influences that contribute to the mindset of TBO?

one important philosophy is WE are ONE. we can’t stress that enough. -Nokbai

we also invite people to think for themselves. sounds like an easy task, but in this microwave age of constant distractions, it is more like rocket science. -Sensu

The Black Opera

TBO exude the back to basics element of hip hop: a passion for truth, I’m curious to know who you grew up listening to.

we listened to the harmonies in life mostly. we listened to our ancestors and elders. we’ve studied the greats and the unsung heroes, from Fela to Tupac. we have studied as many movements of music as possible. we are still listening. -Kensah

If you could collaborate with anybody dead or alive, in any artistic fashion, who would it be?

uniting with Libretto’s mood, let’s say Fela. if we could go on a “Libretto: of King Legend” tour with Fela the world would end, no Mayans. -Nokbai

for current artists: The Gaslamp Killer is at the top of my list. someone that knows us and him needs to spread the warning on that. “Shattering Inner Journeys” is that v o o d o o. woop! Witness that when you can. -Sensu

For the aspiring youth out there wanting to put their creativity out into the world what would your advice be?

practice. a lot. believe in yourself. have confidence, not arrogance but confidence. & have a strong team that you know you can trust. -Nokbai


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