Bon Voyage’s frontman Shamon Cassette shares “Dont Tread On Me”

Photo: Maclom Mcgettigan

“Sometimes, a break is just a golden opportunity waiting to manifest.” — Shamon Cassette


Last month, Bon Voyage released the official for their single, “Don’t Tread On Me.” I caught up with the frontman, Shamon Cassette, who is a good friend and talented musician. Learn about our relationship, the meaning behind the lyrics, and more.

Shamon Cassette (Bon Voyage)
Photo: Maclom Mc Gettigan


“I get hot when you hit the jack pot”, what does that repetitive ad significant line mean? Why was it important to say? What does the title of the song mean, in correlation to the lyrics?

Shamon Cassette: “I get hot when you hit the jackpot…” It was one of those days when everything just lined up. We’re in LA, stuck in meetings (standard issue), at the same time, the US had its biggest ever power ball lottery, like 1.5 billion, cold hard cash money. During a studio break, we headed down to bodega to grab some 40s and some power ball tickets. En route back to the homies gaff we were staying at, an ad for the lottery blasted through the car stereo like a thunderbolt from Zeus himself. We nailed the ideas and sketches off the bat. Needless to say, we didn’t win the lottery but we did take the inspiration to the lab. It brought instant life to the magic… Sometimes, a break is just a golden opportunity waiting to manifest.

“Don’t Tread On Me” was and is, an independence thing really. No serpents, no dancing with snakes, no lit up floors. 360 slam-dunking power balls, dancing in dark warehouses thick with smoke, drinking 40s draped in damp MCM paper bags, and getting loose with good people…We’ve all been there and it’s always a moment we wish would last forever.

You and I have known each other for world’s over. We’ve transcended many phases of social media, specifically starting out with Myspace.

Shamon Cassette: A few years back, when I was assigned to work Fashion Genius, the fashion sector of (then) Rap Genius, I thought of highlighting you because of how well-put-together you always are. I couldn’t imagine seeing you in regular garb… ever. Can you remember a time you weren’t as fresh?

A time when I wasn’t as fresh? I can’t really recall a time when I wasn’t having fun with clothes. I always figured one person’s fresh may not be the next person’s—when all along the fresh person didn’t really mean to do it or kinda just ignored the rules. So, I guess that’s kind of always been my vibration with freshness.

The ‘Fashion Genius’ shoot was one of the most fun times! It was such a natural thing because we’d been well overdue a catch-up, so everything was a cool Summer breeze, swish…

Tell me about Bon Voyage. Also, what inspired the group’s name? Did you all meet through the World Wide Web, like you and I?

Bon Voyage is made up of one part: Shamon Cassette and—two guys from Dublin, Ireland—also known as Gucci Cortez and The Supreme. The name, in essence, is our mantra. When you jump on a plane, you know you’re going someplace (taking a trip). Usually, it’s for good reasons. So we’re all about taking nice trips for good reason, always endorsing the brothers and sisters in arms we connect with, around the globe. BV are constantly spreading love and positivity through our vision, song, and dance. We met through another Irish guy called DJ Wool, who just dropped his latest album on Dither Down Records. Go check it. He linked us, as longtime mutual friends, with the exact same tastes in music and life. The vibe between us was instant (via the inter-webs at first) and the rest is history in the making.

I like the video for “Don’t Tread On Me.” How long did it take to film and finish it (edits, post-production, etc.)? Who directed it?

The “Don’t Tread On Me” video was edited by Al Doyle from Soul Clap, a London-based film and television fanatic. The footage was rounded up from live shows on tour last Summer, splashed with a little bit of that Gucci acid for extra spice.

Watch “Don’t Tread On Me” below:

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any new material in the works?

We’re constantly creating, making and baking in the lab. It’s been busy lately. We’re quietly collaborating with a bunch of singers, producers, musicians and creative tribes from near and far. Figuring out the next single and stockpiling music for the future. I think we’re going to drop some special DJ edits in the new year. We’ll keep you posted for sure. There’s also a ton of gigs and festivals with our names on it for 2017. We’re ready for the next elevation and always sending thanks to the infinite world energy for all the good vibes and inter-dimensional opportunities we are given.


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