Interview: Nyemiah Supreme

Not sure if Nyemiah Supreme is related to Kenneth McGriff, but she’s winning like Queens royalty.

Nyemiah Supreme
Photos: NaShish Scott for GrungeCake

Nyemiah Supreme (23), like most of her corrivals, should expect volatile and searing criticism, and comparisons to everyone who precedes her, even if the claims do not gel well in the beginning, which is why we needed to meet Timbaland’s new protégé in person. In our discovery, we’ve found that the new South Jamaica Queens native emcee is a genteel young adult who is well-composed, and she knows what she wants.

Consciously, she makes it a point to not be known or remembered for the parts of her body she chooses to expose. Naturally, she was blessed with a petite frame, perfect lips and teeth, a derrière that fits today’s commercial standards and a familiar face that can be marketed and manufactured any day of the week, but that shouldn’t be your only focus. Within the four years she’s been on the scene, as Juelz Santana’s assistant and otherwise, she shares that her greatest challenge yet has been to seek positive attention.

Nyemiah Supreme

For me, it’s been trying to get attention without it being based on my body or my looks, so I want for being Nyemiah Supreme, and the music that I make but I want the attention to come from the music that I make and not just the body part I’m showing.

She admits being sexy woman has its downsides, especially, when it’s not all she has to offer. “It’s a challenge,” she added.

What keeps you going?

Knowing that I can make it. I don’t feel like I have any other options of what I want do. You know, I’m not going to make a plan B. This is what I want to do and I’ve gotten really far to come from absolutely nothing. Like really, the bottom of the basket so, I’ve gotten here. I’m not gonna stop going as high as I can go.

When are you most comfortable?

When I’m laughing. When I feel good, I tell a lot of jokes so, watching comedies with my friends, just being stupid, just being Nyemiah. Just being silly.

Where does your confidence originate and who or what can we attribute your tenacity?

My confidence originates in, I would say, maybe fear. From being scared to do something and just saying like, alright fuck it. You have no choice but to, you know, just jump in it. You can contribute my tenacity, probably to my mother. She is real. She’s like what my personality should be as a rapper. She’s real crazy and silly, so I look at her as something I want to be: To be able to make people laugh and smile and wanna love you.

When you first heard the name GrungeCake, what came to mind?

GrungeCake… I thought of like a cupcake… but still pretty. I don’t know, it just really didn’t give off a “grunge” look to me. You know, something pretty and pink. I don’t know.

To you, what does it mean to be a Cake Girl?

It means that you have a big booty and that you gotta lot of money and cake.

What speckle of advice can you give to fellow business women or aspiring rappers?

Don’t let the negative things in a situation stop you from going to where you want to go. Every situation has positives and negatives, so don’t let small and little things be what makes you stop you from going where you want to go.

Today, Nyemiah Supreme’s released a new EP called There Can Be More Than 1 produced by Timbaland. Additional production are crafted by DJ Mustard, Chi Duly & Louie XIV, Big Fruit, Reefa, and Conscious Beats. It was recorded over the course of a year in Atlanta and New York City.

Read Nyemiah’s take on the EP:

To me this body of music speaks to everyone. I wanna move the people, not only with incredible production which there is but with messages and topics that are relatable, conversation provoking, and most certainly fun. Some tracks make you wanna shake your ass and some make you feel like you that bitch, while others will speak to more of the relationship between girls and guys.” Overall it gives you a good sense of where I am at in my life personally.

Click this link to download and let us know what you think about it.

Shana (Hair)
Rodney Jon (MUA)
Bitching and Junk Food (Grey Bodysuit) Zara Men’s (Grey Sweat Pants) and Timberland (Boots)
NaShish Scott (Editorial Photographer)
Jazzlyn Kirkland (Transcriptionist)


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