Interview: Glass Cloud


Glass Cloud is an American metalcore band from Hampton, Virginia formed by Jerry Roush, Joshua Travis, Travis Sykes, and Chad Hasty that started in late 2011. The band released their debut album, The Royal Thousand on July 10 on Equal Vision Records. Lead vocalist Roush was a part of Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men, while guitarist Joshua Travis is also the guitarist for the extreme metal band The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.

Who is Glass Cloud? What would you categorize your style / sound / genre(s)?

Jerry Roush: Glass Cloud is an American progressive metal band, specializing in poly-rhythms and groove-oriented riffs, that is sure to knock your socks off. Is that cheesy enough for you? (Laughs)

Roll Call: Band members’ information.

Jerry Roush: (Laughs) Jerry Roush (ex-Sky Eats Airplane and Of Mice & Men) as the vocalist / frontman. Joshua Travis (The tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza) plays the 8-string guitar and serves as main producer. Travis Sykes (Berklee College of Music) plays bass guitar. Chad Hasty (Berklee College of Music) plays the drums.

What inspired / inspires you all as artist? What influenced your decision to pursue a career in the music business and what continues to keep you motivated on a daily basis to move forward in your career?

Jerry Roush: Being on tour and hanging with all of my friends inspires me to wanna do music and even go on tour. It can be stressful at times but the camaraderie that comes along with being on the road and exploring the world, I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

What’s coming up next for you guys? Albums, performances, tours, etc.?

Jerry Roush: We just got off of the “Scream It Like You Mean It” Tour which was very huge and very hectic. We have three weeks off then, we are doing a short Canada run with Texas in July; Then, we do the “AP” Tour in the fall featuring Miss May I, The Ghost Inside etc. Then we are, I believe, taking December off and we have some pretty cool plans for January that I’m not allowed to talk about… I know, boo on me.

Being on the road for long periods of time can take its toll on anyone. With that said who in the band has the most crazy “on-the-road” habits?

Jerry Roush: Overall, nothing too crazy for anyone. (Laughs) We all have our own odd habits and as much as they might get under one another’s skin on occasion, we are all bros and don’t really hold grudges after little petty fights.

What 5 songs do you have on your play list, right now?

Jerry Roush: 1. VolumesThe Columbian Faction, 2. VolumesWormholes, 3. The Contortionist‘s new record – Intrinsic, 4. A Tribe Called QuestBonita Applebaum 5. and the “Ambient” station on Pandora.

So far in your career, what has been the most memorable moment for you?

Jerry Roush: (Thinks) I honestly don’t know. It’s hard to pinpoint something like that with there being so many. Maybe the feeling of being on tour for the first time. Or doing my first bus tour. Or traveling in other countries with the purpose of doing music. Any one of those I could say is very memorable.

Upon hearing of our publication GrungeCake, what were your first thoughts / reactions?

Jerry Roush: (Laughs) When I first hear the word “grungecake” it makes me think about a dirty street / crust punk who owns a bakery. I know that’s a weird answer but a weird question gets a weird answer. (Laughs)

What is your favorite type of cake?

Jerry Roush: Money. (Laughs) Good ole green backs. That’s my favorite type of cake. (Laughs) Nah, but honestly, I don’t eat too many sweets. I’d probably have to go with banana nut bread. Yum.

Any last words to our readers? The floor is yours.

Jerry Roush: If the floor was mine, I’d probably lay down some cardboard and do some breakdancing or something. (Laughs) No, but yeah if you haven’t heard of Glass Cloud, go and listen with an open mind and I strongly urge anyone to come watch us live. We like to be as entertaining as possible, making it not only a very good experience on your ears but also eyes. We strive to leave that seed planted that when you walk away you are like, “Holy shit. Did you see what they were doing?” Until then, just remember – I before E except after C and keep on living in the free world.

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