Interview: Carmelo Anthony at Madison Square Garden Boys & Girls Club


Giving back in a big way

Image: NaShish Scott for GrungeCake

On Friday, November 15, we joined the long lost of media chosen to cover a great cause presented by Avon, Carmelo Anthony and his foundation, in which 800 Bronx area families (of about four persons) were given a week supply of food weighing 25 lbs., essentials weighing 10-lbs. and a turkey for Thanksgiving. If you’re wondered how the families were chosen: Feed The Children partnered with Madison Square Garden Boys & Girls Club to pre-identify families receiving the boxes. Click here to see lovely images of the event now.

My best friend Tavia (shown in image taken by NaShish Scott) interviewed the professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony about the event, his organization and our company. Hear the audio clip powered by Audibase below:

Did you know?

More than one in four children living in New York City (30 percent) is considered impoverished. In fact, the number of children living in poverty in New York (900,626) could fill the Madison Square Garden more than 45 times.

For more information about the event, just click here.