Photo: Courtesy of the artist
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Listen to German producer inHarmony’s ‘Messy Love’ featuring Louisa Laos


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

inHarmony released a smooth and sultry single, ‘Messy Love’. My initial thoughts when hearing this song; rhythmic and catchy. The artist’s voice is soothing and flows beautifully over a groovy tempo. The lush, harp-like instrumentals make this the feel-good love song that the summer needed. Not a song that you’ll hear at the club, but perhaps a song that you’ll want to listen to on the way back home. It’s slow, sexy, and well-produced; what else can you ask for from a love song? If this is song is a preview of the type of music we can expect in summer 2019, we have a lot to look forward to.


Written by Brax Chea

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