Infuze Remixes Bassnectar’s “Mystery Song” Featuring Beginners

Bassnectar’s Noise Vs. Beauty Remixes album has been lighting up the internet in recent weeks with a wide sampling of the best in Bass music’s newest talent. Standing out on that roster is Infuze, whose razor-sharp remix of “Mystery Song” is now enjoying a public premiere via YourEDM, as well as growing support from Trap.NET and Bassnectar Soundclouds. The throbbing 4×4 beat is switched with ultra-thick Trap percussion. The bass level is pumped up, way up to 11, with wobbles and cuts galore. Simply put, it’s a track that’ll leave crowds yanking their own hair and asking for more — and it seems only to be gaining steam. Check out the shareable Soundcloud links below and don’t miss out on Infuze’s low-key domination, as this track is quickly cementing its status as an emerging sleeper hit.

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