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Editor’s Pick: 10 Best Indie-International Videos of the Week (Artificial Pleasure, Shan Vincent de Paul)

Here’s a list of the best indie and international videos of the week, in my opinion. It consists of music by CRi, Until the Ribbon Breaks, Artificial Pleasure, and much more.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

CRi – Keep It Real featuring Jesse Mac Cormack (Submission)

How beautiful is the skin of the man in the desert? The sun rays shone on his dark body in the middle of nowhere at a perfect time. Wherever they are, the water is clear. The grass is green, and the air is steady. Next, that sun-kissed flesh enters in water. Two men embrace over a beverage. Then, the dancing commences with bandanas tied. Whether you believe it or not, love is love. Friendship is a gift. Yes, CRi’s song featuring Jesse Mac Cormack is good on its own. But the Romain F. Dubois and Ménad Kesraoui-direction bring a once frightening truth (or taboo) to the forefront. I think Momo and Fallou did a great job executing that two dark-skinned men can love each other, deep than just friends. After that, listen to the single from the French producer’s lush and layered five-track “Someone Else” EP below.

Until the Ribbon Breaks – My Love (Submission)

Fortunately, love will be a thing humans will feel until the end of time. In my opinion, it is the most powerful feeling of them all. I believe love is what makes many of us continue to go on. It isn’t only sexual or having to do with romance. Love is affection. It is the purest form of emotion. No wonder we feel pain when love fails. Some of us fear the end of love, so we try to hold on to lovers who aren’t good for us. There’s no judgment. I understand it. I just wish we were in better shape as humans, overall. I guess that’s what dreaming is for; Never stop falling head over heels [and mend and tangle your souls like the dancers in Until the Ribbon Breaks’ new video] for new sweethearts. They have nothing to do with what they did to you in the past.

Chuuwee – Members Only featuring CharLe (Submission)

How many times have you argued with significant others? Was it concerning anything of importance? Did you find a resolution to the issue? Was it applied? Or did one of you run from the other? Personally, arguing with narcissists is not a pastime of mine. (Ask my former boyfriends.) Moreover, irresponsibility and immaturity are turnoffs. So, as soon as certain things come to the surface, I end them.

In regards to Chuuwee’s video for ‘Members Only’, that discussion wouldn’t have happened in my life. If I have to argue with a man about liking someone else’s post/picture on Instagram, I should be single. Don’t quote me, but I’ve also heard feeling annoyed or angry clouds your judgment. Never allow an argument with your lover to take your mind off of the road. Do it when you’re home—Behind closed doors.

Artificial Pleasure – Wound Up Tight (Submission)

Gingers, or redheads, are lovely to me. This one, in particular, has the prettiest teeth. Doesn’t he? In a very odd way, the ‘Wound Up Tight’ video by Artificial Pleasure reminds of when a small child decides to put miscellaneous things on your face as you lie down. Has a baby ever dropped a cordless telephone on your face as you slept? Then, it makes me think of the many times others force you to try things. You’ll suffocate if you never stand your ground to say no.

I could have turned on VH1 in the nineties and saw this video. It’s a retro resonance blasting from the past.

NOVA TWINS – Moodswings (Submission)

When’s the last time you’ve seen singing women wear red and black lipstick, this beautifully, outside of the AFROPUNK network? You don’t have to answer that. I’m not here to torture you—just to share new music worth your time. The South East London Punk duo NOVA TWINS’ new title track video from their forthcoming project exhibits feminine strength and delicacy. Kind of like what Babes in Toyland do for me.

Shan Vincent de Paul – Bitch Go (Submission)

Listen, here. Everyone might not agree with me, but here’s the deal. I wish more men, specifically, were honest like this. Yes, it is an anti-Trump song by Sri Lankan-Canadian recording artist, Shan Vincent de Paul, but the memo is multiple-purpose too. Will President Trump ever hear this song? If he does, will it affect him? Who knows, but I’d share with the next long-lost family who tries to extort me. ‘Bitch Go’ is the first single from his sophomore album titled, ‘Trigger Happy Heartbreak’.

Wool Sucker – Rusalka (Drown With Me) (Submission)

One of my favourite groups in the world is Radiohead. Like, I’m a super stan for them. I, personally, feel like they’ve influenced a bunch of genres of music, especially Hip-Hop. The experimental use of vocals and the drums and patterns. I love it all. When the new song by Wool Sucker came across my desk, and it said they were similar to Radiohead, I played the video IMMEDIATELY. Like, with no hesitation. The song is called, ‘Rusalka (Drown With Me)’. I will say there are some hints of Radiohead in this song. The lead singer’s vocals are like satin, and the lyrics are breathtaking. I would like you to take my hand and drown with me and listen to this beautiful song. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is sampled by a Hip-Hop head soon. I mean, how could this not? (Thirston Howw)

Sometime Sonny – Wasted On Me (Submission)

Don’t waste time.
Don’t throw your drink(s) on people.
Don’t waste food, drink more water.
Don’t waste a day.
Do not waste your entire life hating on other groups of people. When you have that covered, watch the official video for Brisbane, Australia’s multi-instrumentalist Sometime Sonny’s “Wasted On Me.” The homemade video captures a group of friends having a good time at a house party.

The artist says, “the EP recounts the tantalising tales of a commitment-phobe living in Brisbane’s eastern suburbs, spearheaded by the seducingly melancholic single, ‘Wasted On Me.'”

Bruno Martini and Timbaland – Road featuring Johnny Franco (Submission)

In America, Timbaland is considered one of the best producers ever. So, it is no wonder why Brazilian musician Bruno Martini teamed up with him. According to the press release for the record, it is the first of many collaborations with the multi-platinum winning super-producer. For some of you, it will be the first time you’ve heard about the Brazilian sensation, but he’s climbing global music charts as I type. Therefore, you ought to get into it.

Jules Rendell – Old Friend (Submission)

Jules Rendell, the Birmingham-born singer, has a voice of an angel. In her song, she sings about needing an old friend in her life. She used to confide in this person. They knew everything. The friend brought her a sense of comfort and direction. Here’s the thing: In real life, it is retrograde time. I’d stand clear of such. I’m tired of slamming the revolving individuals in my life, so it’s a no for me. Wow! Speaking of old friends, one of mine just resurfaced. Talk about timing. Let me shoo him away. “Old Friend” is from her upcoming album, ‘Imagine’. Furthermore, in the meantime, watch the official video below.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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