Jamaican singer Ikaya shares new video for “Leave You Alone:” a song about loving someone in a committed relationship

Knowing when you should leave someone alone is a God-given instinct.

Photo: Courtesy of VP Records

Knowing when you should leave someone alone is a God-given instinct.


Ikaya's 'Leave You Alone' cover art
Photo: Courtesy of VP Records


nowing, when you should leave someone alone, is a God-given instinct. Unfortunately, we like to ignore it. If you hadn’t caught on to what’s happening yet, the grey-haired musician is singing about dealing with a committed man. Admitting to being the side-chick, it’s not just her, though. It takes two to tango. Aware of the hurt that will inevitably take place, Ikaya, like many others out there, are addicted to the thrill (or in my case, the lack of relationship responsibility). In real life, it is a sad truth about self-loathing or wanting to remain numb at the expense of someone else’s union.

Taking the blame for your non-conducive ways is the societal “grown-up” thing to do. What’s better than that? Working on yourself to increase your self-love and your self-worth is the right way. It isn’t easy. No one ever says it is, but it is a healthy way to repair.

My intent isn’t to bash side-chicks. I understand why they are around and will continue to be around until the end of time. Ikaya, I think we’ve all been there. I’m stubborn, so I’ve been there. However, I think it feels best when you’re able to catch a woman or man of your own and foster a healthy relationship with him or her.

Before now, I hadn’t heard of Ikaya. Subsequently, I am a fan. The VP Records artist is talented, vivacious (aesthetically), and curvy. I’d like to see more alluring women like her, fully dressed in 2018. She embodies another kind of woman that I’d like to support.

Check out her new video for “Leave You Alone” featuring Jesse Royal now. Without a doubt, Mr Royal adds a smooth verse to bring a male perspective to the story of disloyalty. Additionally, I enjoy the seamless transition from R&B/Reggae to a Dancehall DJ toward the middle of the record. Artists with versatility excite me.

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