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Iggy Azalea and Tyga team up for ‘Kream’: Watch the official video

They are young, attractive, single, and rich.


For what seems to be like two years now (it could be longer), Iggy Azalea has been catching hell for one reason or another. On the flipside, Tyga has been dealing with his issues in his life, too. So, when I saw the two were together at Coachella, it made me think: This might be a good pair. The romance aspect of the speculations was far from my mind, but I can understand why people would want to put them together. They are young, attractive, single, and rich.

Now, we have a song called ‘Kream’ to learn or judge (depending on how you feel about both artists or if you are a music purist). Since this is my show, and I’m running it, I think it’s a strong re-entry into our consciousness for both recording artists. I’m no fortune teller, but I think the record will do well (whatever that means to the groups of people who count streams and record sales). More to the point, I think whatever they release after this separately, has to be the hit to carry them over into the new year (if that’s what they’re capable of, or want).

‘Kream’ has garnered our attention, so whatever moves they make afterwards can take them to newer heights as individuals, again. A strategy is a must if it’s a goal. Lastly, I like the way Iggy Azalea’s voice sounds here. It’s a different delivery from her 2014 breakout record, ‘Fancy’ featuring Charlie XCX (which is not too far from a billion views on YouTube: 859,667,863).

Watch the official video for the track that uses a sample from Wu-Tang Clan’s classic song ‘CREAM’ released in 1994. Lately, the Method Man-performed record has inspired a lot of young artists, as it should.

Written by Richardine Bartee

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