Watch Jamla’s Oakland signee Ian Kelly official video for ‘Town Sh*t’

Jamla, led by 9th Wonder, has been home to some of today’s better lyricists, which includes the likes of GQ, Reuben Vincent, and the multi-Grammy nominated Rapsody, just to name a few. Not to be overlooked in this mix is Oakland’s own Ian Kelly, one of the more recent Jamla signee’s. Ian Kelly shines as one of the emerging bright stars of the label. Releasing his video for ‘Town Sh*t’, directed by DeAndre Forks, he introduces listeners to a bit of his story, background, providing a sense of what drives him as a man and rapper.

Throughout the video, it’s evident that there is a passion for his city, and music, but what shines most is his confidence and performance on this song, and his ability to perfectly translate that confidence and energy visually. His flow, style and lyricism allows listeners to not only be drawn to what he is saying, but teleports them into his reality, and the projection of his truths. Ian Kelly is someone that should be kept an eye on as he continues to rise, he sounds ready to take his seat in the conversation of who got next!


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