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Here’s a list of songs I played as I soaked for an hour in Houston, Texas

Photo: Richardine Bartee, self-portrait

I don’t get to relax as much as I think I should, so whenever I get to travel, I make it an effort to eat, sleep, and socialise. That’s it. When I’m back home in New York City, there’s that hustle and bustle, but then, there’s also the load that you carry mentally on a personal and professional note. I can’t speak for everyone, but that’s what it’s like for me. My reason for stating it isn’t a complaint. It is the reasoning behind why I do what I do. I listened to these songs because they are calming, clear in intention, and they make me feel good.

Photo: Richardine Bartee, self-portrait

Nicolas Godin and Cola Boyy – The Foundation (Submission)

The Rebels of Tijuana – C’est Immense (Submission)

Cannibal Kids – I Keep My Eyes Closed (Submission)

Ceramic Animal – Working (Real Hard) (Submission)

Sofila and Chozin – One (Submission)

The Chainsmokers and Illenium – Takeaway featuring Lennon Stella (Brett and Butter Remix) (Submission)

Clarifying the nomination process

Here’s the list of presenters and performers for tomorrow’s GRAMMYs