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Song of the Day: ‘Avenue’ by HER

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Watch HER’s video for ‘Avenue’. I think she is one of the most amazing and most on point writers right now.


Name: HER
Representing: Vallejo, California
Genre: R&B/Soul
For fans of: Bryson Tiller
Single from: N/A
Produced by: N/A
Song of the Day: January 16, 2017
Label(s): RCA Records

Photo: Wikipedia

Indeed, I’ll never understand women. It’s me. It’s not you. It has to be. In my life, I have “liked” about five women total in my 100 years of living. Yeah, five. To me, that seems like a lot, but to others, you may be thinking “Damn, bruh five? Do you even have a life?”

I do have one. It’s wonderful. Butt naked women fix me breakfast and wake me up to blunts in bed and shit. Okay, I am exaggerating. Okay, I am lying about it all, but I have had naked women in my house. She didn’t make breakfast for me, but she was there. When I wasn’t partying and living like a rockstar, I tried to talk to these five women. I wasn’t pimping like that. I can honestly say though that in each relationship I’ve ever had there were communication problems. At the start of the relationship, things were okay. Then, they weren’t. Playing 2K became a huge issue. We used to play together. She would catch an attitude. It was cute, overall, then. Now, it is annoying and frequent altogether. Subsequently, our communication decreased. Henceforth, we stopped talking in person. It resulted in arguments through text messages.

We couldn’t get anything right. We didn’t talk about what bothered us. My biggest comeback would be, “You always have an attitude. Why are you always mad?” I guess if I look back at it I got comfortable. Abruptly, I stopped courting her when I felt like we were past that point. There were no more ‘Good morning’ text messages and ‘Hello beautiful’ text messages. It was more of an expected ‘Hi’ and ‘Oh, you’re wearing that?’

Consequently, she became distant, and I acted like I didn’t care. I asked her to visit me. Then, she would say that she couldn’t make it. She had other plans. It went this way for a few months. Then, one of us stopped texting. Likewise, none of us attempted to find out why. Afterwards, I saw one of my exes recently and asked her what happened. She replied that she just couldn’t come down my avenue anymore.

Finally, watch HER’s video for “Avenue”. I think she is one of the most amazing and most on point writers right now. All of her songs seem to be an accurate account of some past or current instance in my life.


Written by Thirston Howw

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