7@7: An evening playlist featuring Heavy Heart, Trvpbeez, and more

This 7@7 evening playlist consists of Heavy Heart, Gemini Jam, Trvpbeez, T-Shirt Dream Party, and more.


Heavy Heart
Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Heavy Heart – Bed Bug (Submission)

What’s better than a bedtime song conceived from a bedroom project that references the bedroom? As the lyrics state from the start of the song, people tend to live in their heads when no one is around. ‘Bed Bug’ features themes of love and lust, desire and hunger, set in a seedy, after-dark world. Watch the video shot on a 9-lens analogue camera now. It’ll make the South London duo—Heavy Heart—happy. The direction and edits are by Sunnbrella frontman David Zbirka and pieced together from stereogram stills shot on an analogue 3D multi-lens camera. The band plays Rich Mix in London today (February 28) in support of Another Sky.

Algorhythm – Heat of the Moment (Submission)

Want to wind your evening down with something special? The jazzy sounds of ‘Heat of the Moment’ will help you get there. The experimental record allows you to zone out to its instrumentation before its vocal joins. The composition is organised in its disorganisation if that makes any sense, which walks a hair-thin line of unacceptance. Nonetheless, hear the eight-minute effort below.

Gemini Jam – QUARTZ (Submission)

Pulling in the same kind of vibes, ‘QUARTZ’ is a relaxing soundscape with a funky vibe that could please anyone who is a fan of Jazz Rap or would discover the genre upon listening to this track. Gemini Jam is the London producer Mediatrix’s side project. Listen to the well-produced fantastic rhythm below.

Trvpbeez – Over My Dead Body (Submission)

Trvpbeez, a young Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper, kept me engaged in every word he said on his record, ‘Over My Dead Body’. His voice soars over the slightly muffled soulful instrumental. Hear the deep introspective song by the twenty-four-year-old now. He is lyrically incredible, raw, and creatively attractive. I love when lyrics sound effortless.

T-Shirt Dream Party – Mellow Yellow (Smoke Trees)

Subtle and silky smooth, T-Shirt Dream Party’s record is what the title describes. Vocally, the brothers remind me of an Italian duo called, ‘Videodreams’. They’ve voices that can ease you; put you to sleep. It’s the British Indie band’s debut record. What do you think?

Indigo Lo – Reload (Submission)

The words to this song may not be what you’d like to hear in the evening, but I imagine it has the type of production that pairs with nightly television programming. Perhaps, one of those ghost or zombie-themed shows. The songwriter and frontman of the band, Joe Grimshaw, shares that the song is “a rally between being ruthless, and then, the realisation of what you’re doing.” It’s about acting or reacting in the spur of the moment. Watch the lyric video for Indigo Lo’s power-filled track, ‘Reload’. They’re playing a show tonight at The Victoria in London, ahead of a headline show. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Oceaneater – Strike Twice (Submission)

It’s always quite interesting to me when people leave one discipline for another. It is not a celebratory thing among the older generation. So to hear that the brainchild behind Oceanwater was once a chef in New York City (Per Se) and Los Angeles (Providence), and is now living life back in the South is interesting. It was in Atlanta, Georgia that he wrote and produced his first single, ‘Strike Twice’. The refreshing record takes influences from the artists before his time, to create a new sonic experience for a younger audience.

Others need to turn up to turn down; so, I think the record by Oceaneater is the one. Based on what I’ve listened to thus far, the Surf/Garage Rock band has what it takes for longevity. Hear their record now.

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